About Foreign Disclosure & Export Solutions Corporation

FDE Solutions was established in April of 2004 to provide training and assistive services to government agencies and defense firms from an "inside the security door" perspective. It set as its goal to provide their clients with a working disclosure analyst's perspective on foreign disclosure and military export issues, a service unlike any other in their field. Since then, the company has expanded their services to include commercial export services, building export compliance guides, and publications that protect against inadvertent disclosure or export violations.

The company's managers believe that their clients most advantageous outcome can only be achieved through an understanding of the inner workings of the bureaucracy, and all of the company's products, training materials and templates, and export consulting services are focused from this perspective. They also are strong believers in visual learning.

FDE Solutions' primary focus is on providing our clients with precise information that government staffs and analysts need to decide in an disclosure or export case. By providing the government analyst with a well conceived disclosure recommendation or export application, our clients have the best chance of receiving a decision that is consistent with their most advantageous outcome.



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