Basic Foreign Disclosure Pocket Guide

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Version 6.11 of this 22-page, quarter-page sized booklet contains FDE Solutions' trademarked "Foreign Disclosure Rules of Thumbâ„¢" and basic guidelines needed by the majority of DoD and U.S. Government personnel about the subject of "foreign disclosure."

The Guide succinctly summarizes the procedures for topics such as:
  • Foreign Disclosure Points Of Contact
  • Foreign Disclosure Rules Of Thumb
  • Basic Foreign Disclosure Definitions
  • False Impressions Doctrine
  • Withholding An Item From Foreign Release
  • Core Foreign Disclosure Concepts
  • "REL TO" Marking For Releasable Material
  • Public Domain
  • Triggers That May Classify A Disclosure Request
  • Five Disclosure Criteria
  • CUI Disclosure Criteria
  • CMI Disclosure Criteria
  • Eight NDP-1 Categories
  • How To Request Foreign Disclosure Guidance
  • PEPs & FLOs
  • Preparing Briefings
  • Proper use of the NOFORN Caveat
  • Do's & Don'ts  Of Foreign Training
  • Procedures For Sanitizing Documents & Files
  • Write with Multiple Tear Lines For Release
  • Host & Escort Responsibilities
  • Derivative Classifying & Declas On Markings
  • Document Cover Page & Paragraph Markings
  • Int'l Traffic In Arms Regulations (ITAR) Terms

For orders of 100 or more, we offer the option to replace the FDE Solutions cover logo with your command's logo. Call 703-860-8112 for details.

The Basic Foreign Disclosure Pocket Guide is only available to U.S. DoD or U.S. Government activities and agencies, and U.S. DoD Support Contractors.

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