Basic Export Compliance Pocket Guide

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This Fifth Edition, 26-page, quarter-page sized booklet, updated April 2017, is packed with new "Export Control Rules of Thumb," do's and don'ts of exporting, and basic export compliance guidelines needed by U.S. firms engaged in the military exporting business. Updates include the new 600-series EAR Red Flag warnings; revisions to the “Before Disclosing Anything” questions; and the proper new titles for all 21 USML categories.

The Pocket Guide succinctly summarizes the basic guidelines for topics including:
  • Export Control Rules of Thumb
  • Red Flag Warnings (That Something May Be Wrong)
  • Export Compliance Basics
  • E-mail Transfer-Use-Protect Statement
  • Export License Restrictions ("Provisos")
  • Content Tips For Export Licenses, TAAs & MLAs
  • Common License Application Shortfalls
  • Export Concerns For Foreign National Employees
  • Foreign Persons Employees Or Contractors
  • Technical Information on Company Computers
  • Recordkeeping for Interactions with Foreign Persons
  • Bringing Along Work During Foreign Travel
  • Procedures For Sanitizing Documents & Files
  • Do's & Don'ts Regarding Foreign Training
  • Host/Escort Responsibilities During A Foreign Visit
  • Basic Foreign Disclosure & USML Export Definitions
  • Export's Relationship to "Foreign Disclosure Policy"
  • U.S. Munitions List Top Level Categories
  • The EAR, CCL, Exports & Categories
  • Commerce Control Items Are "Dual Use"

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The Basic USML Export Compliance Pocket Guide is only available to U.S. Defense Contractors and U.S. firms involved with exporting. 

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